Belle Reve, French-Mediterranean Homes in Sta. Rosa

Georgia Club Belle Reve is unique in itself among the communities of Sta. Elena. With a name that literally means “beautiful dream”, its French-Mediterranean ambience lends itself to waking moments spent wandering through surroundings filled with many gardens and courtyards created by world-class landscape artists and architects. No two gardens and courtyards are the same. Open spaces make up half of its 20-hectare total area. Homes are custom-built. No prefab-houses-you-couldn’t-tell-apart here.

Investors' Trove

An estate rich in authentic detail, Fontamara allows your eyes to feast on the elaborate designs of Italian-inspired homes amidst the lush background of trees, flowers and waterways. Find yourself walking along the streets of Tuscany and Lombardy with tall, symmetrical and intricately designed homes on display. The well-manicured gardens with the stunning fountain as its centerpiece are also truly a site to behold.

How to Get to Belle Reve

On your way to Belle Reve, you will notice a thriving community just outside the south of Manila, and true enough – the grass is strikingly greener and the getting a breath of fresher air is something ordinary. As you get closer, you will notice an undisputed sanctuary where living goes beyond the enclosed walls in the traditional home – a place where you can sip a cup of coffee, enjoy the sunset, and watch your children play right at your doorstep. Find a sense of abundance in every facet of living, natural beauty or otherwise, when you enter the guarded gates here at Georgia Club.

Belle Reve is accessible via the Asia Brewery-Greenfield South Luzon Expressway toll exit and via the Sta. Rosa-Tagaytay Road. It is only an hour and a half away from Makati's financial district.

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