Vista City

Days at Vista City can be all business, all fun and relaxation, or all points in between.

Labeled as a Diverse Community, Vista City was planned with the family in mind. Amenities, location, and landscape come together in this community in one unified and detail-oriented master plan. Not to mention, a prime location close to shopping, dining, entertainment, and amenities, Vista City transcends the typical standards of an active metropolis.

Spanning over 600 hectares, this visionary city is an aggrupation of a multitude of elements that are relevant to individuals, families, and enterprises alike. DiverseCity, as it has been tagged, is divided into three hubs that highlight specific interests for all of the residents nearby – Uptown, Midtown, and Downtown.

With its initial offering of amenities, Vista City is poised to become the premier location in the South that seeks to develop the different facets of its residents and its community. Masterplanning is given a new meaning here at Vista City.

The Riverwalk

Let the stars illuminate your evening when you stroll along The Riverwalk at Vista City. Be inspired and conjure images reminiscent of the water oasis in San Antonio, Texas. Allow yourself to be captivated by the breezy hum while choosing from various culinary and dining places all within a nature preserve and protected river artery.

Palazzo Verde

Make weddings and other occasions even more special at the Palazzo Verde, after being dubbed as the most desired wedding venue in the South. Palazzo Verde blends Victorian and Russian influences in architecture and design and offers world-class amenities to its guests.

Uptown Residential Estates and Commercial Area

The Uptown Area will be having low-density residential neighborhoods, open-air retail stores, commercial gateways, premiere brand outlet shops, as well as civic and commercial nodes. In this area, you will also find Portofino and Residential Avenues in this area.

Midtown Activity Hub

The Midtown Activity Hub will feature nature parks, scenic trails, and open green corridors, that will intersect with sports and club facilities, places of worship, business parks and high-density mixed-use town centers.

Downtown Knowledge Base and Mixed-Use

The Downtown Knowledge Base will feature the University Town, home to the royal and pontifical University of Santo Tomas, and the thriving Acacia Waldorf School; business districts, hospitals, as well as low-density communities.



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